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Rzeszowskie Piwnice is an interactive cultural institution operating within the structures of Estrada Rzeszowska - a local government cultural institution of the City of Rzeszów. The initiative is in line with the latest trends in museology - based on an interdisciplinary way of presenting collections. At the same time, it is worth emphasizing that the concept of Rzeszowskie Piwnice significantly goes beyond the multimedia solutions used so far in Poland, through unconventional and innovative look at the story of art, tradition and history of the city and region.

The teaching, development and promotional mission is carried out through:

  • organization of concerts, conferences, seminars and discussion panels,
  • conducting research,
  • organization of workshops, trainings, courses,
  • organization of plein-airs, competitions, reviews and festivals,
  • film screenings,
  • organization of theatrical and musical performances, etc.,
  • implementation of animation activities supporting local communities in creative activities,
  • interdisciplinary activities, which are a combination of the above.

For media

Journalists and photographers interested in obtaining accreditation for events organized by Estrada Rzeszowska are asked to complete the form available at this link and deliver it to Estrada Rzeszowska (Jagiellońska 24 Street) or send it by e-mail to


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