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We are a municipal cultural institution that has been continuously providing unforgettable emotions for over six decades.

Annually, we organize more than a hundred cultural events, from niche and small-scale events to the largest festivals of the city of Rzeszow. In the offer prepared for the audience we draw from all fields of art, i.e.: concerts, exhibitions, workshops, performances and many others.

Estrada Rzeszowska is also a meeting place, a platform for exchanging experiences, and seeking inspiration to create one's own cultural activities, by voluntary sector organizations as well as local cultural animators. The Cultural Incubator of Rzeszów, (the department of animation and popularization of culture) undertakes actions for broadly understood culture, social and animation activities.

We have our own professional recording studio, Estrada Studio, where young artists have the opportunity to record their first demo free of charge.

Estrada Rzeszowska was and still is an institution that sets the cultural rhythm of the city. Volunteer Academy, Breakout Days, Estrada Studio, East of Culture - European Stadium of Culture, Tony Festival, Christmas Fair, Jubilee of the Location of the City of Rzeszow, Rockowa Noc (Rock Night), Karpaty na widelcu, The Cultural Incubator of Rzeszow, City New Year's Eve, Paniaga Festival, Birthday Toast for Tomasz Stanko are just a part of what we prepare for you every year.


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