TANIEC | Cykl obrazów choreograficznych "TRIGGERS" | Europejski Stadion Kultury 2024

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Rzeszowskie Piwnice

The series of choreographic paintings "TRIGGERS" (inspired by one painting by Mark Rothko) is divided into bodies, sounds and visualizations.

The project consists of:
A series of choreographic paintings "TRIGGERS"
Interdisciplinary Experience Zone "PAINT/SKIN/NOISE"

The project is a modern form of art combining visual art with the art of new choreography and experimental sensory sound space. It is also an attempt to play with kinetic-color synesthesia, it aims to change the perception of the function of art by moving towards science, the phenomenology of perception.

Each image constitutes a separate whole - set design, dancer, visualization, music, costume!

The visualization screen will display texts in Polish and English about the history of a given color.

The TRIGGERS script was based on "Secrets of Colors" by Kassia St Clair, "The Chrome Book of Colors" by Derek Jarman, "Psyche and Colors" by Stanisław Popek and research accompanying Marta Bura's doctoral thesis.


By participating in the event, we will invite the viewer to experience colors by looking, visualizing, moving and trying to consciously feel: color - emotion - concept.
Viewers will be able to move freely between the performative images and observe the action in silence by wearing noise-cancelling headphones.

Location: Rzeszów Piwnice
When? June 22 19:00*
When? June 23, 7:00 p.m.*
* the performative exhibition will last about an hour, and viewers will be able to come and go freely during it.

director: Marta Bury
visualizations, lights: Jakub Hader
costumes, objects: Karina Mińkowska-Pado
dance, choreography: Maria Martos, Olga Bury, Piotr Stanek
music arrangement: Marta Bury
production: Teatr o.de.la Foundation

The Interdisciplinary Experience Zone "PAINT/SKIN/NOISE" is a specially prepared zone for experiencing colors.
Relaxing atmosphere and beautiful visualizations/animations with a voice-over explaining the meaning and impact of colors on human physiology and psyche.

Location: Rzeszowskie Piwnice
When? June 21 - 23
What time? 10:00 - 17:00

The activities will also be accompanied by performative activity in the urban space performed by Bizarium collective (Ania Półtorak, Dominika Weres, Emilka Fila, Ewa Nykiel, Hania Dyski, Kacper Cyran, Kamila Kucharczyk, Katarzyna Siwiec, Miłosz Rzeszutek, Natalia Mikołajewska, Ola Buszta, Ola Pustelak, Szymon Wojtasik, Tosia Ożóg, Weronika Baran, Zosia Pączek, Zuzanna Bąk, Ula Wróblewska, Maja Wróbel) under the care of Magdalena Janicka-Rzeszutek.

Idea: Marta Bury
Visual implementation: Jakub Hader
Space organization: Marta Bury and Karina Mińkowska-Pado
The activities will also be accompanied by performative activity in urban space performed by Bizarium collective under the supervision of Magdalena Janicka - Rzeszutek.

➡️ https://www.facebook.com/odelateatr/
➡️ https://www.instagram.com/o.de.la/

Project as part of the East of Culture European Stadium of Culture 2024 festival

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