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Park Sybiraków

The European Stadium of Culture is the largest in Podkarpacie and one of the most interesting festivals in Poland, which we have been organizing since 2011, providing participants with a solid dose of artistic experiences. What definitely distinguishes the ECoC from other festivals is its interdisciplinary character. At the European Stadium of Culture, we combine elements of various genres of music, theater, photography, film and visual arts. Since 2013, the ECoC has been held as part of the East of Culture festival integrating the artistic communities of the cities of Eastern Poland and artists from the Eastern Partnership countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine). Admission to all festival events is free.




KATHIA - a talented artist of the young generation, whose photo was hung in Times Square in New York in the fall! She is only 21 years old, but she has been involved with music since childhood. He composes, writes his own lyrics, produces his songs and directs their clips. Her music is focused, intimate, with a distinct, sometimes dark mood. Kathia usually accompanies herself on the piano or guitar, enriching simple compositions with a rich electronic space.
The artist debuted in 2019 with the EP "Town" in aesthetics bordering on soul, which quickly became the Onet album of the week. In the fall of 2023, she finished working on her first album "przestrzeń", and in January 2024 she was nominated for the "Empik Bestsellers" award in the Discovery category. Her work was appreciated by Spotify - in November, Kathia became an ambassador of the Spotify Equal program, a program promoting equality in the music industry.



ŁUKASZ L.U.C. ROSTKOWSKI – award-winning composer, music producer, art director of multimedia performances, shows, series and films in Poland and abroad. Songwriter and rapper. Promoter of brass culture in the country and around the world. A man of many talents.
Together with Adam Lepka, an academic teacher and arranger, he created REBEL BABEL, an experimental and innovative band that engages and invites musicians from various social spheres and cities to cooperate. The collective consisting of professionals travels around the world, organizing surreal performances and micro- and macro-concerts, while creating new branches in other corners of the globe.

REBEL BABEL ENSEMBLE - an international, unlimited Big Band with 12,000 musicians, giving concerts all over the world, inviting artists from local orchestras and big bands.

ANTYTILA - one of the most recognizable Ukrainian rock bands in the world. Their career took off in 2007 when they took part in the Ukrainian music program "Chance". Serhiy Vusyk, keyboardist and arranger of the band, was the author of the soundtrack to the joint Ukrainian-Nigerian film "Light Like a Feather". The film premiered in 2012 at the Cannes Film Festival. They have a song called 2step with Ed Sheeran, which has so far been seen by 19 million people on YouTube.


TOMASZ MAKOWIECKI - a producer, musician, composer, vocalist and lyricist born in Gdynia, who has been present on the Polish music scene since 2001. 
He has released five studio albums ("Makowiecki Band", "Piosenki na nie", "Ostatnie common fotograf", "NO! NO! NO!", "Moizm"), as well as participation in several dozen events and musical projects in cooperation with leading artists. Multiple nominees for the Fryderyk awards of the Polish phonographic industry and the Polityka Passport in 2007.

LUBOMYR MELNYK - is one of the greatest pianists and composers of our time! In the 1970s, he developed a completely new style of piano playing called Cointinous Piano Music, requiring extraordinary technical skills. He is considered the fastest pianist in the world - he can play an average of 19.5 notes per second, with either hand!   The artist gives concerts not only in Europe, but also in North America, China and Japan. His album "THE SONG OF GALADRIEL" was recognized by the New York STEREO REVIEW MAGAZINE as "One of the 10 most important albums of our time".


KASIA LINS - vocalist, pianist, author of lyrics and music in the field of alternative pop.
She gained popularity thanks to her first album released in Poland in 2018 entitled "Poem Last", for which she received two nominations for the Fryderyk Award in the category of Author of the Year and Alternative Pop Album of the Year. In December 2020, she was the winner of the Artistic Award of the city of Toruń. Grzegorz Ciechowski 

In 2021, her next album "Moja wina" was appreciated - nominated for a Fryderyk in the Alternative Pop Album of the Year category and for Onet's O!Lśnienia award. Also, the artist's latest album - "Omen" - brought nominations for Fryderyk awards in three categories: Indie Pop Album of the Year, Artist of the Year and Music Video of the Year.
Kasia Lins' music, concerts and clips are characterized by a unique, cinematographic atmosphere.

PALINA - an artist of Belarusian origin who sings in four languages: Belarusian, Russian, Ukrainian and French.
She started her music career in 2011 and has since released four studio albums. In 2018, she became a finalist of the X-Factor program in Ukraine.

Palina's work quickly gained a large audience. Her songs have been listened to over 50 million times and have gained great popularity on Instagram and TikTok.
Palina creates music that is a combination of pop, breakbeat, electronic music, jazz and blues.


PAWEŁ DOMAGAŁA  - acts in film and theater, gives concerts, releases albums, writes songs and cabaret monologues, provides voices in animated films.
He has released four studio albums - "Opowiem Ci o Nasze" released in 2016, two years later - "1984", in 2020 - the album "Wracaj", and in 2022 - the fourth album "Narnia".
You may also recognize Paweł Domagała from films such as "80 Million", "Planet of Singles" or "Wkręteni". His song "Take it, don't ask" has over 156 million views on YouTube.

GIZMO VARILLAS – Spanish composer and vocalist. His albums: "El Dorado" (2017), "Dreaming of Better Days" (2018) and "Out of the Darkness" (2020) were met with enthusiastic reception from the audience and recognition from music critics.
The latest single "Desde el Otro Lado" brings a certain freshness to Gizmo's work, reflecting his personal and professional transformation. The premiere of the next album is scheduled for 2025.

Co-financed by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage.
Organizers: National Cultural Center, Rzeszów City Hall, Mayor of Rzeszów and the Department of Culture and National Heritage

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